About Neal Hinson

Lt. Col Neal “Ping” Hinson USAF (Active Duty)

Neal is a U-2 Pilot stationed at Beale AFB, CA.  He is the uber proud father of FIVE kids and married to a smoking hot wife!  He is passionate about creating passive streams of income to prepare for his post military career (professional dad, ultra-runner, mountain biker, track/cross-country coach, you get the idea).  He owns a rental property holding company (SingleTrax Rentals) a successful flipping business (SingleTraxEquity) and a joint venture internet marketing company (HinCo Ventures).
Neal passes his free time at home playing with his kids, going to the gym with his wife, and running the occasional ultra marathon.  His professional goal after the military is to avoid W-2 income at all costs!

About Keith Cosentino

Mr. Keith Cosentino

Keith is a serial self taught successful entrepreneur.  He is a proud graduate of the business school of hard knocks holding a Master’s Degree in self finance, and internet marketing.  Keith made his first seven figures in the automotive service industry.  Seeing opportunities in all corners he transitioned into manufacturing and now internet marketing of digital products.  Keith is a service oriented individual who selflessly sacrifices time, money and other efforts for the better of his community and church.  He is the quintessential soccer dad for four kids and enjoys an amazing marriage to his wife Jen.  Keith’s goals are to help his defenders of freedom in uniform realize their potential as entrepreneurs and reach their objectives!