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OK, so after listening to Garret and Wingman Watches, I decided that I have to do two things: use Fiverr, and do a Kickstarter Campaign.  I already have a real estate business, but no logo, nor a website.  I am trying to get my brand out there for my investor homes, so  I thought, “I’ll give this Fiverr thing a try…its only $5 bucks!!” 

Only $5 bucks is right.  I went to and found someone who would design a logo for $5.  I sent them two pictures of my favorite mountain trails with a description of what I wanted.

                20150624_100129  singletrax

I wanted a simple logo, with no more than 3 colors.  Anyway, on his first go, he came up with this:


He sent me a medium resolution file which looked great IMO.  I accepted it, and then he countered and said “I will send you the hi-res, along w/ unlimited edits for $25!  OK- so, I’m in it for $30, and could not be happier.  I have used 99 designs in the past, its pricey, and I think my guy on Fiverr was just a good.  You decide, have you used Fiver?  For what?   Were you happy?  Please share!

BTW…there are offers to build websites for $125…I’ll let you know, until nest time!

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