You Are The Ideal Entrepreneur!

You Are The Ideal Entrepreneur!

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You made it into the service.  Easy right?  Studies show that more than three quarters of the youth in this country cannot pass the minimum requirements to enter the military.  You chose to serve, no one forced you.  You might have been lured in by a sexy career or opportunities for advanced education, either way, you raised your hand. You said yes, you volunteered for the suck that will/has most certainly come.  You are not afraid of the unknown, if you were, you would not have made it out of the recruiter’s office or ROTC classrooms, tech, jump or whatever schools.  Stress?  You’ve seen a bit.  Like that time (multiple times) you deployed to that crap-hole-a-stan place, slept in dirt for weeks, or worked obscene hours, operated in or over and to places most people can’t point to on a map. 

You may not know it, but these traits transcend your battlefield expertise!  There is a reason why most business schools read Tsun-Su!  Business is battle, its an economic conflict where the winner takes home the bacon.  You were trained for combat, cross over into another domain and leverage your prowess to attain your goals.

You are the ideal entrepreneur because when you have to do something difficult in business, it will pail in comparison to those times when your life depended on your training. 

Business is just a game.  Its fun.  And you are good at it.  You may not know it now, but that’s why we train. 

When I think of the ideal entrepreneur, I see a person who is a subject matter expert.  I see someone who can communicate effectively, and lead like their life depends on it.  Lead people into places they don’t want to go.  I see someone who takes failure in stride.  Someone who can formulate a strategy to achieve an objective, then divide the strategy in to operational and tactical level tasks.  I see someone who can organize and orchestrate moving parts and pieces into a cohesive machine.

I see a person who has a sense of security with a steady income, healthcare and opportunities for continuing education.  I see someone who can take what others call a “risk”, because they are financially insulated and fiscally disciplined.

Look in the mirror, chances are I see you.

Its not all roses, here’s why you suck.

You are used to being spoon-fed opportunity.  You have been institutionalized to a point of uselessness.  You cannot break the “rules”.  You are stuck in a corporate mindset.  You care more about perception than reality.  You fail to translate timing and synergy effectively in business.  Everything must remain linear!

You really suck at business because you are scared.  Yeah you!  In your mind flying a jet in combat is no problem, starting an E-commerse site is RISKY!   Dude, you are delusional.  You hold a weapon and point it at other people, your finger on the trigger controls their fate.  You tremble at investing in real estate, why?

Experts aren’t born, they are bred and trained.  You have the desire, you have the mindset.  You have been inoculated against stress.  Decide now, take action.

Build Something Bigger.

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2 Comments on “You Are The Ideal Entrepreneur!

  1. Great post, I definitely agree that most military members are risk adverse to starting any kind of additional income stream. It’s easy to just live on the paychecks that come every 1st and 15th and not struggle to improve your situation. However I think many military members become reluctant rental property owners after they buy and PCS shortly after. Being a long distance landlord can be toughand expensive. I think most servicemembers would be better off renting and investing their money into the TSP.

    1. Spencer,

      Thanks for your comment. Let me clarify, owning and living in a home for investment’s sake is a bad idea. I’m a fan of Rich Dad Poor Dad and kiyosaki said it best “it’s a liability!” Buying an investment home is very different than buying a home to live in. I also advocate maxing out TSP. It becomes a cheap bank if you need it. Don’t forget about Self Directed IRAs–another great way to invest in RE with a tax shelter. Investing in the markets alone is placing all your eggs in the speculation basket, whereas investing in RE, cash producing businesses etc is a great way to build multiple streams of income. I think we agree on the goal, getting there will be different for each of us though. One final difference in our opinions: passive income. When I leave the service after 20 yrs as a Lt Col. I will receive roughly $45K pre-tax income adjustable for life. I currently own 11 rentals which cashflow $4K/mo. In four years I can double that number, possibly triple or quadruple if my “farm area” stays stable. By the way, half of those properties are paid off. The rest are being paid off at 15yr and 30yr intervals with the RE tax advantages. So, when others get out and look for another paycheck, I’ll take my retirement and Tricare Standard and run happily away! Thanks again! Build Something Bigger!

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